VS Code Org Mode

VS Code Org Mode is an extension for Visual Studio Code inspired by the venerable Org mode for Emacs.

Org lets you keep notes, maintain TODO lists, and author documents, all in plain text.


Keep Notes

Create outlines:


Promote and demote items:


Maintain TODO Lists

Create TODOs:

create todos

Change TODO status:

cycle todo status

Customize your TODO Keywords:

custom todos

Insert timestamps:


Modify dates:

modify dates

Author Documents

Style your text:

style text

Add metadata with a snippet:

add metadata

Add links with a snippet:

add links

Add comments:

add comments

Get it

Install Org Mode from the Extensions tab in VS Code:


Learn More

Find Org Mode on the VS Code Marketplace:


Explore the source code on the repo, vscode-org-mode, and the complete documentation on the wiki:


VS Code Org Mode is an open-source project. We welcome contributions and feature requests. See the repo for contribution guidelines.